About the IMLCA

The IMLCA was formed in 2004 to serve the intercollegiate men’s lacrosse coaches community.

To develop among intercollegiate coaches a deep sense of responsibility in teaching, promotion, and maintaining the growth of lacrosse in accordance with the highest ideals of fair play.

To stimulate the development of quality leadership for lacrosse programs by recognizing professional contributions to the sport and keeping members informed of current coaching techniques and trends.

To identify and pursue issues relevant to lacrosse coaches and to the sport of lacrosse; and to provide a forum for the discussion of matters of interest to members of the Association.

To promote cooperative efforts with other professional organizations interested in the development of lacrosse and athletics in general.

Membership in the IMLCA is classified in one of four categories:  1) coach at a two-year or four-year institution that sponsors intercollegiate lacrosse; 2) affiliate; 3) honorary, and 4) patron.

Individuals interested in joining the IMLCA should contact IMLCA Membership.

Advisory Committees

The IMLCA has established an advisory committee in each division to provide a strong avenue of communication between the membership and the Board of Directors in distributing information and identifying issues important to the coaches.

Division I Advisory Committee

Division II Advisory Committee

Division III Advisory Committee


IMLCA Bylaws and Conflict of Interest Policy

The IMLCA Bylaws and Conflict of Interest Policy (adopted January 24, 201) are listed below.  Click on each to open a PDF document.

IMLCA BYLAWS (adopted 14-12-12)

IMLCA Conflict of Interest Policy (10-01-24)