IMLCA Recruiting Event Accreditation Platinum Standards Program

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The IMLCA Event Accreditation Platinum Standards Program was created to establish a minimum set of best practices for recruiting events that attract college-bound prospects to participate in and college coaches to evaluate prospects at.



The vision of this program is to establish a framework of best practices that effectively serve the lacrosse industry, college prospects, their parents, lacrosse organizations and the college coaches.


The goal of the program is to offer “minimum operating standards” and consistency of performance for all recruiting events to follow and to enhance the presentation of each Event in order to become one of value to all participants.



Event applications AND payment must be completed and submitted by application deadline to be considered by the IMLCA.

Events receiving accreditation will be announced together by the IMLCA via a public statement.

Annual application fee is $250 for EACH event.

Accreditation will be conducted annually. Once an event is accredited it will be subject to annual review. An event that does not meet the minimum standards will have a one-year grace period to make the necessary adjustments to retain IMLCA accreditation. Should the accredited event fail to meet the IMLCA standards after the one-year grace period it would lose its accreditation for the next year. The EVENT would be able to reapply for future accreditation. An event that is not accredited can continue operating but will not be included on the list of events promoted as “IMLCA Accredited.”

For more information contact Phil Buttafuoco, IMLCA executive director (